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Method of Plastic Film Covering

2012/8/21      view:

  Before and after frost, plastic film can be covered. According to the experiment, the method of using plastic core to cover the seedling bed and then to build a shade shed on the film cover is effective. Because the film has strong heat absorption, if there is no shade, the temperature in the mask is too high.

Especially at noon in sunny day, the temperature in the mask can sometimes rise to more than 40 C, which can easily cause burning or drying of cuttings'leaves. The greenhouse was shaded on the mask. The temperature and ground temperature of the greenhouse were stable, the relative humidity was large and balanced, and the temperature was just suitable for the need of rooting and germination of cuttings.

Method of Plastic Film Covering

The methods of plastic film covering and shading are briefly introduced. The following is as follows: after making the seedbed according to the general method, the bamboo sheet is used to build the v-covered film shelf on the seedbed first. The film covered scaffolding is semi-circular (i.e. arc), 30-50 centimeters high in the middle and 15-25 centimeters high in the edge. When the cutter is inserted into the seedbed, the whole seedbed is covered with plastic film, and the surrounding area is firmly sealed with soil. At the same time, shade is set up on the mask. Flat roof shade can be used, and the height of shade is about 60-80 centimeters.

According to the temperature inside the mask, adjust the degree of shading, the temperature is too high can be more dense, do not let the temperature inside the mask exceed 35 C, the temperature inside the mask is too high, you can also take methods such as uncovering the film ventilation or watering to reduce the temperature. If the film frame is firm, the shade curtain can also be directly covered on the mask during high temperature, but the curtain should be covered or uncovered in time according to the temperature change in the mask.