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The Function of Glue in Adhesive Cloth

2012/8/22      view:

 Some patients who are allergic to adhesive tape or need to use adhesive tape to fix a part for a long time receive better results by using ordinary glue as protective film.

According to the size range of adhesive tape, use a small glue brush to fumigate appropriate amount of glue, evenly apply it on the skin, and when it is a little dry, you can paste the adhesive tape on the glue-coated parts.

The Function of Glue in Adhesive Cloth

When the glue dries on the skin, a transparent film is formed. The glue is pasted on the film without affecting the adhesive effect. Its advantages are as follows:

It can prevent the direct stimulation of skin by adhesive tape.

(2) To relieve the pain caused by removing the adhesive tape for patients with long hair.

(3) The film formed by glue can be easily removed after wiping with water. It can prevent the traces left by the glue for the patients who repeatedly need the fixing of the glue for a long time.

This method is simple and easy to operate, and is popular with patients. However, it should be noted that it should not be used when there is local damage.