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Main Classification of Cloth Tape

2012/8/23      view:

The thermal composite of polyethylene and yarn fibers is used as the base material of cloth-based tape. Coated with high viscosity synthetic glue, it has strong peeling force, tensile force, grease resistance, aging resistance, temperature resistance, waterproof and corrosion resistance. It is a kind of high adhesive tape with high adhesion. Cloth tape is mainly used for sealing cartons, sewing carpets, heavy binding, waterproof packaging and so on. At present, it is also frequently used in the automobile industry, paper industry, mechanical and electrical industry. It is used in good waterproof measures such as automobile cab, chassis, cabinet and so on. Easy to die-cut.

Main Classification of Cloth Tape

According to different glue, cloth tape can be divided into hot melt cloth tape and rubber cloth tape.

In addition, according to the requirements, there are two-sided and one-sided fabric tape.

At present, the yellow cloth tape used in paper industry is basically imported. There is only one family in Jiangsu.

According to color, it can be divided into: black cloth tape, silver grey cloth tape, green cloth tape, red cloth tape, white cloth tape and earth yellow cloth tape.